Texas Local Council Covenant of the Goddess
Texas Local Council Covenant of the Goddess

Join us Sunday, December 17 for Yule! 

TXLCCoG sponsors and performs public rituals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area on Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon closest to the Wiccan Wheel of the Year Sabbats. See the Wicca page for information about Sabbats and look below for our schedule.


Everyone is Welcome!!!

Rituals are located at:

The Center for Change, Discovery, and Support (CCDS)
located at 7525 John T. White Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76120

*Due to the high temperatures in the summer, the Summer Sabbats are held on Saturday evenings instead of Sunday afternoons.

To help defray costs, a love donation of $5 is requested, but not required, so please do not decline attendance due to lack of funds. All are welcome! You are welcome to bring a store-bought feast item to share if you like.

Please! No photos of our rituals. Remember that not everyone in our community can be public about their faith.

We offer a family-friendly ritual so please do not consume alcohol on the premises or bring alcohol for feast. Since we often have small children and 75+ people, we also request that you leave your beloved pets at home. Service animals are welcome.

Most Sabbat Rituals include vending by local pagan vendors. Support our local pagan merchants! Join us for ritual, feast, and pagan shopping!

CCDS parking is limited but overflow parking is available to the East of the Center at Cobblestone Trail Park
(7601 John T. White Rd.) Please do not park on the grass or in the private driveway at CCDS!

2017 Public Sabbat Schedule

 IMBOLC  Sunday, January 29
Vendors at Noon
Gather in 1 PM
Ritual at 2 PM
Circle of the Blood Moon
Vendors at Noon
Gather in 1 PM
Ritual at 2 PM

Coven Firemoon

Charity: Food Drive

BELTANE / MAY DAY Sunday, April 30
Vendors at Noon
Gather in 1 PM
Ritual at 2 PM

Tree of Knowledge Coven



LITHA / MIDSUMMER *Saturday*, June 17
Vendors at 4 PM
Gather in 5:00 PM
Ritual at 6:00 PM

Obsidian Dragon

Charity: Pet Supplies

LAMMAS / LUGHNASADH *Saturday*, July 29
Vendors at 4 PM
Gather in 5:00 PM
Ritual at 6:00 PM

Special Guests: 

Spirit of the Sycamore Tradition

MABON / AUTUMN EQUINOX Sunday, September 17
Vendors at Noon
Gather in 1 PM
Ritual at 2 PM

Sacred Moon Circle

Charity: School Supplies

SAMHAIN / HALLOWEEN *Children’s Carnival & Games*
Sunday, October 29
Vendors at 11 AM
Carnival Noon to 2 PM
Ritual at 2:15 PM
Circle of the Wild Wood
YULE / MIDWINTER Sunday, December 17
Vendors at Noon
Gather in 1 PM
Ritual at 2 PM


(Looking for Goddess)

Charity: Blanket Drive

The Texas Local Council celebrates TEN YEARS offering Wicca 101 Classes and Sabbat Rituals for the public in 2017!


To honor our commitment to our community, this year we are focusing on supporting a specific local charity at many of the Sabbats! See our facebook page for more information on the Charities we support. 


Join us to help support your community! 


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For more information about Rituals email rituals@txcog.org.

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