Texas Local Council Covenant of the Goddess
Texas Local Council Covenant of the Goddess

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Vision Statement

The Covenant of the Goddess envisions a world where all living beings are honored and cherished as manifestations of the Sacred. 


Mission Statement

We, the Covenant of the Goddess, through advocacy, education, interfaith action, and resource sharing, empower Witches and Wiccans to protect, strengthen, and enrich our religion, society, and the Earth. 

Covenant of the Goddess

statement on separation of families at our borders:

We, the members of the Covenant of the Goddess, condemn the separation of children from their families as has been occurring at the U.S./Mexico border as well as elsewhere around the world. The Covenant of the Goddess believes that the forced removal of immigrant children from caring parents exposes the child to grievous psychological, emotional and even physical harm, and is immoral. We demand the reunification of families to happen immediately and the immediate cessation of any policy that dictates the separation of families. 

Statement for Peace
As it is consistent with the values and beliefs of our religion, the Covenant affirms our belief in the spiritual and social wisdom of peace in the world.
We aspire to stand in fellowship with people of all religions, cultures, and ethnicity in our shared desire for peace.
We do this for the sake of our shared love of the Earth and all livings things that dwell upon it.

Scientific Statement

We, the members of the Covenant of the Goddess, honor Mother Nature and seek to better understand Her.

We recognize that, when correctly applied, the scientific method gives us a greater understanding of that which we hold sacred. 

We also look to the Pagan past and see such figures as Hypatia of Alexandria as a shining example that religion and science do not need to conflict with each other.

While understanding the limits of science, we embrace its gifts and the wonders it can show us. 

We thus support ethical scientific research. We also clearly state that our religion encourages our members to consider the results of ethical scientific research.

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