Texas Local Council Covenant of the Goddess
Texas Local Council Covenant of the Goddess

Witchcraft is a life-affirming, earth- and nature-oriented religion which sees all of life as sacred and interconnected, honors the natural world as the embodiment of divinity, immanent as well as transcendent, and experiences the divine as feminine and often as masculine, as well. Like the spiritual world view and practices of Native Americans and Taoists, Witchen spiritual practices are intended to attune humanity to the natural rhythms and cycles of the universe as a means of personally experiencing divinity. Rituals, therefore, coincide with the phases of the moon, the change of the seasons, solstices and equinoxes and days which fall in between these such as May Day and Halloween.

This calendar of celebrations is referred to as the Wheel of the Year. Most Witches consider their practice a priest/esshood, akin to the mystery schools of classical Greece and Rome, involving years of training and passage through life-transforming initiatory rituals.

Witches within CoG generally agree on an ethical code known as the Rede, "An it harm none, do what ye will," which honors the freedom of each individual to do what she or he believes is right, but also recognizes the profound responsibility that none should be harmed by one’s actions.


TXLCCoG frequently receives inquiries about finding a teacher or looking for connections to learn more about the Craft. There are excellent resources online and Covenant of the Goddess is a great place to start if you have questions about our religion including the following:


CoG's about Witchcraft page - 



CoG’s “Commonly-Asked Questions, Straightforward Answers” page - 



CoG’s “A Few Things to Think About When Seeking a Teacher” page - 



The Witch’s Voice is also a helpful resource for finding local teachers, groups, events or friends in the Craft/Wiccan/Witchen community.  See http://witchvox.com for more information.

We are fortunate to have leaders and elders who understand how intimidating it can be to seek community and want seekers to know what to look for and what to avoid. Download the Seeker's Bill of Rights below when you begin your search:

Seekers Bill of Rights
Seekers Bill of Rights.pdf
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The Texas Local Council of CoG has put together some frequently asked questions about Witchcraft and Wicca you can download below:

Frequently Asked Questions
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TXLCCoG provides information on ​Witchcraft and the Religion of Wicca that you are welcome to download below:

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Basic Philosophy - What is Wicca or Witchcraft?
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General Practices
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Holy Days
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