Welcome to the Texas Local Council 

of the Covenant of the Goddess aka TXCoG! 

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What's Our Mission?

Our mission is to represent and expand the presence of the Covenant of the Goddess in the state of Texas, clarify common misconceptions about Witchcraft, provide a sense of community, and engage and encourage communication between Witches, Pagans, and those who may be curious. Texas is just one of many the local councils of COG in the United States who are doing good work in their communities.  

 Who Are We?

The Texas Local Council is full of Witches and Wiccans 

and has been serving the state of Texas since 1995. 

We are folks who care about our community and enjoying serving it.

10 Covens

5 Individual Members

7 Traditions

What Do We Do?

Interested in joining Us?

Here is how you can become a member of our Local Council:

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